Channel 4

Channel 4 has commissioned a 1 x 60’ programme exploring the world of modern eating phenomenon: the all you can eat buffet.

All You Can Eat, made by Boomerang, will feature a trio of buffet establishments in the UK, following the restaurant owners as they try to make a profit and the diners as they try to eat their money’s worth.

The all you can eat phenomenon is thought to have originated in Las Vegas, but is now a popular choice for many Brits when dining out. Thousands of eateries across the nation now offer mouth-watering deals to tempt hungry customers into their cafes and restaurants. But who wins? Is it the restaurateurs who look to maximise profits, or the big eaters who employ a variety of tactics to beat the house when it comes to value for money?

All You Can Eat will reveal the huge amount of produce needed to keep the restaurants running, beleaguered chefs, worried managers and cunning consumers.

All You Can Eat was commissioned by Channel 4 Head of Features, Gill Wilson and will be produced by Boomerang with executive producer Sam Grace and producer Donna McLaughlin.

Sam Grace said: “We’re thrilled to take a closer look at the extraordinary characters on both sides of the all you can eat buffet, from those looking to squeeze out every penny’s worth to the restaurants catering on mass for the growing appetites of punters.”

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