Boomerang’s Million Pound Movers airs next Wednesday, 9th September at 10pm on Channel 4.

With the number of millionaire homeowners rising, the high-end removals industry in the UK is booming. Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful life events, and for those blessed with the finer things in life the stakes are even higher. Million Pound Movers goes behind closed doors to meet the wealthy clients moving pricey and priceless objects, plus the firms tasked with completing the job where one mistake could cost thousands.

What is it like for the companies hired to move high net worth clients lock, stock and barrel? For these moving firms, thanks to demanding clients, unusual requests, and expensive art and furniture all making for a high-risk business, luxury removals are no easy task.

First, near Bath, art enthusiast Beverly is moving out of a 33-room manor house crammed with antiques following a divorce. Over in Berkshire, interior designer Yvette is making the move into a rented seven million pound Chelsea townhouse, with the hope of finding love.

Meanwhile, the Jacobsen family are moving from their home in Surrey to an 80-acre countryside estate to set up a vineyard, and art collector Dora with new husband Nick have a delicate £50,000 Joe Black portrait of President Obama to move to their first home together in north-west London.

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