Channel 4

Channel 4 is boosting annual spend on programming that appeals to older children from £3 million to £5 million by 2018. The strategy will focus on delivering content of appeal to 10-14 year olds in the channel’s 8pm slot.

The increase in spending will include a range of new programming, including the pilot of new Boomerang studio format Kidology; a new series in which Guy Martin trains unemployed Grimsby teenagers in construction and engineering; new 8pm drama The ABC, set in a multicultural comprehensive school in Northern England; the return of the hugely successful Child Genius and Twofour’s multi-award-winning Educating…, which will return to a new school in 2017.

Channel 4’s Chief Creative Officer, Jay Hunt, said: “Over the past three years we’ve steadily increased our spend and our share of the 10-14 audience. This additional spend will supercharge our strategy at 8pm and deliver even more great programming for this audience. From Gogglesprogs to our new drama, ABC, we are commissioning hours of TV that promise to be compelling for young teenagers.”

Kidology (non-TX pilot) is a brand new studio-based entertainment show that answers the questions we should all know the answers to but actually don’t. The stars of the show are kids whose curious questions will be answered by a cast of anarchic comedy players acting out answers to questions such as “How do clouds float?” and “Why do men have nipples?” After watching the answer the kids have to decide if the answer they have been given is true or false. Simple, funny and packed full of never ending universal questions from Astronomy to Zoology, this is a playalong quiz show for all the family.

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