Strip Date, Boomerang
Strip Date, the new series that shows that appearances can be deceptive and you should never judge a book by its cover, starts next Tuesday, 12th April at 8pm on 5STAR.

The show takes two loveless singletons from completely different style tribes and transforms them into a vision of each other’s perfect date. They are stripped back to basics so we know nothing about their identity and then made over to look like the other’s dream partner before going out on a blind date together. We then let them slip back into their favourite outfits to reveal who they really are. Will opposites attract? Will love conquer style, or will it be a taxi for one?

In the first episode, barber and dog-lover Taylor Rae, 23 from Belfast, is looking to find her very own Prince Charming when she comes face to face for the first time with engineer Carl from Gloucester. Taylor Rae is looking for a true gent who will treat her like a princess and sweep her off her feet. Carl, who has only been single for six weeks after a five-year relationship ended when he was a “naughty” boy, says he is no Prince Charming but can be a proper gentleman. He’s looking for a girl who has real style and a great personality. Carl says he gets lots of attention from the girls when he’s out and about, but, at the moment, the only thing Taylor Rae lavishes attention on is her much-loved Pekinese pet, Coco Chanel. She spends thousands on the pampered pooch’s outfits and her mantra is “Love me, love my dog.”

Once made over, their pole-dancing date is a chance to show each other their best moves. But, will they be enough to bowl each other over? And what will happen when they slip back into their favourite outfits and reveal their real selves to one other? Will Carl turn out to be Taylor Rae’s romantic Prince Charming – and will it be a happy beginning to a fairytale romance?

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