Strip Date - Boomerang, 5STAR

Strip Date shows that appearances can be deceptive and you should never judge a book by its cover. Catch a double bill every week, with the next dates airing on Tuesday, 10th May from 8pm on 5STAR.

We take two loveless singletons from completely different style tribes and transform them into each other’s perfect dates. They’re stripped back to basics then made over before going out on a blind date. At the end they slip back into their favourite outfits to reveal their true identities. Will opposites attract? Will love conquer style?

Next time, cage fighter and car salesman Andrew, a self-confessed lady’s man from Durham, meets Cambridge graduate Anna who lives in London. Cheeky chappy Andrew, who runs his own company, says he is ready to find the right girl to settle down with. He is looking for a well-groomed girly girl. Journalist Anna has recently come out of an eight-year relationship and is looking for a man with a great personality and sense of humour. Will the two hit it off when they sample a taste of the Orient on their Tai Chai date, or will it just be an exercise they’ll never want to repeat again?

Meanwhile, Brummie and Justin Bieber lookalike George is hoping to find a match with 27-year-old tailor Lee from Yorkshire, who has never had a long-term relationship. George, 26, lives with his Jack Russell Dotty. The most important thing for him is that his date has clean shoes. Lee is hoping he will find love for the very first time, but says his busy schedule makes it hard to fit anyone in. The duo have many similarities – their mums are their best friends and they’re both looking to settle down and have children. But, will their shared goals in life be enough to strike a match when they battle it out on a Sumo wrestling date? Or will it end up being a real knockout?

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