Ashlee, Strip Date
There’s a brand new double bill of Strip Date at 8pm every Tuesday on 5STAR.

We take two loveless singletons from completely different style tribes and transform them into each other’s perfect dates. They’re stripped back to basics then made over before going out on a blind date. At the end they slip back into their favourite outfits to reveal their true identities. Will opposites attract? Will love conquer style?

Tonight, Eastenders fanatic Amber May, a student from Reading, comes face to face with 21-year-old professional dancer, Ashlee, from Nuneaton. Fun-loving Amber, who is also 21, wants a man with long, Harry Styles-esque locks, while Ashlee’s ideal date would wear a figure-hugging outfit with heels.

After meeting for the first time, they’re entertained by a magician on their first date. They’re bewitched by card tricks, but will there still be magic in the air when they’re reintroduced later, donning their real styles? Will they be spellbound by each other, or will there be a lack of sparkle?

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