Posh Pawn continues tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.

If you can wear it, ride it, sail it or play it, this brand new series has got it covered. Channel 4 returns to Prestige Pawnbrokers, headed up by slick former property developer James Constantinou and his charismatic team across three stores in London’s Hatton Garden, Weybridge and Richmond.

The world of high-end pawnbroking is revealed with unprecedented access to the industry’s experts and extraordinary clients. With unimaginable and hugely valuable items bursting through the doors, the series reveals that, when it comes to upmarket pawn, everyone has a story to tell.

James is joined by right-hand woman Jo, who doesn’t hold any punches, Patrick, who’ll go to great lengths to find the best deal, and memorabilia expert Lawrence, who knows the nostalgic from the nonsense. And with business booming, we’ll meet new team members Alicja, Michael and Joy.

But just how valuable are these valuables? That remains the big question for Prestige. For some lucky clients it’s life-changing news as their precious items are worth jaw-dropping sums. But big sums also mean big risks and clients sometimes struggle to pay back their loans, risking losing their beloved possessions.

Across the series, we’ll see a colossal back garden railway, an impressive collection of 500 handbags and a much-loved Chopper motorbike with the ‘wow’ factor. We’ll also hop over to Lanzarote to see a super-sized wine collection. But it’s not all high-life. We’ll see how the team deal with the everyday perils of the brokering business – from defaulting loans to the tricky customers.

In episode 4, a glamorous Ibiza club DJ wants to sell her designer goods to finance her push to go global, but new handbag specialist and boss James’s fiancée, Claudia, has a big surprise in store for her client. A unique imported Chopper motorbike gets James all revved up, gemologist Alicja is excited by a vintage gold and diamond timepiece, and an unredeemed Aston Martin is auctioned – but will the bids be high enough for James to break even and recoup his losses?

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