Posh Pawnbrokers - Nathan, Pickwick

Posh Pawnbrokers is back, with a new episode airing every weekday at 1:10pm on Channel 4.

Sometimes weird and often wonderful, every item that comes through the pawnbrokers’ doors has a story. But it’s not only the items that have interesting backgrounds; the owners are full of charisma too!

The series unearths everything from high-value family heirlooms, stunning jewellery and flash cars, to curious collectables, unique antiques and bizarre memorabilia from all over the world. Some of these pieces are worth life-changing sums of money.

This week, Pickwick’s Nathan makes an astonishing discovery on a 40-year-old glass replica of the Magna Carta, the Nicholas Patrick brothers try to ring up a deal on some 1920s Art Deco jewellery and London Road’s Dan gets a visit from famous cleaner Kim Woodburn.

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