Posh Pawnbrokers returns on Monday, 20th June (Boomerang, C4)

High-end pawnbroking show Posh Pawnbrokers returns, with a new episode airing every weekday at 1:10pm on Channel 4 from Monday, 20th June.

Sometimes weird and often wonderful, every item that comes through the pawnbrokers’ doors has a story. But it’s not only the items that have interesting backgrounds; the owners are full of charisma too!

The series unearths everything from high-value family heirlooms, stunning jewellery and flash cars, to curious collectables, unique antiques and bizarre memorabilia from all over the world. Some of these pieces are worth life-changing sums of money.

On Monday, Dan at London Road in Sheffield takes a look at a £20,000 jewellery collection, a pair of running spikes signed by Olympic champion Usain Bolt, a posh watch and a commemorative Nelson Mandela coin.

At Nikolas Patrick in London, brothers Charlie and Patrick are doing deals on a Bakelite phone that may have belonged to Elvis Presley and could be about to embark on one of the biggest deals of their career with a huge pawn on £600,000 worth of rare and highly collectable Lalique glass car mascots.

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