Freddie and Jay - Strip Date, Boomerang

Strip Date shows that appearances can be deceptive and you should never judge a book by its cover. Catch the next double bill of the series tonight at 8pm on 5STAR.

We take two loveless singletons from completely different style tribes and transform them into each other’s perfect dates. They’re stripped back to basics then made over before going out on a blind date. At the end they slip back into their favourite outfits to reveal their true identities. Will opposites attract? Will love conquer style?

In the first episode, music lover Isaac, 23, is paired with Emma, 20, from Kent. The duo bite off more than they can chew when they go on a sushi-making date. But, the proof will be in the pudding when they reveal their real looks…

Our second couple are 24-year-old fashion student Ottavio and 20-year-old Jake, a part-time model from Bristol. The pair enjoy a date on the dancefloor, but will they still be in a spin when they change back into their real looks, or will any hopes of romance be kicked into touch?

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