Bargain Fever Britain taps into the UK’s insatiable appetite for deals, discounts and bargains featuring access to four major UK businesses all managing to thrive in a retail landscape where paying full price is simply not an option.

With Britain now a bargain-obsessed nation, the series takes a look at the characters, culture and goings on inside four major discounters – American wholesale giant Costco, major car supermarket Motorpoint, high street UK-wide shoe chain Shoe Zone, and Approved Food – a multimillion pound business that sells food that’s out of season or past its best before date.

Throughout the series we also hear from customers, bargain hunters, and savvy shoppers – and the lengths some will go to in order to make a saving.

Episode 1 that went on Tuesday 3rd March on ITV focused on some of the challenges the discounters face, from selling 8ft gigantic teddy bears to the perils of trying to keep track of millions of pounds worth of stock plus we meet one coupon-crazy mum who’s stockpiled an incredible 60 pizzas in her freezer.

Stayed tuned for the next episode for more of the same.

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