What Would Your Kid Do? Returns for 2nd Series

What Would Your Kid Do? Returns for 2nd Series

Jason Manford returns for a new series of What Would Your Kid Do? on Sunday 24th March, 7pm, ITV.

The show which asks how well we really know our kids by challenging parents to guess what their children will do in a variety of entertaining situations.

Each week sees children filmed in a school specially rigged with hidden cameras. The kids think they’re taking part in a variety of classroom activities and games, unaware that we’re actually testing everything from empathy and lateral thinking to curiosity and rule breaking.

Back in the studio, Jason challenges the parents to predict what their child will do in each situation: providing a fascinating, surprising and hilarious insight into the developing minds of 5, 6 and 7 year-olds.

The family with the most correct predictions goes through to the final. But on this show, it’s not the adults choosing the prizes… it’s the kids.